One Route is a full service media production company, we take a boutique approach to creating mindful media and telling human stories. Rooted in a consideration both for our clients’ ambitions,  and for our audiences’ realities…


We like to engage our clients through every stage of video production from ideation to final masters, a holistic approach to expert media is all we know. We produce outstanding and inspired content, with a willingness to go above and beyond cookie cutter deliverables. Whether it’s commercial or artistic, national or hyper-local, we create work that provokes thought and challenges viewers to reconsider, revaluate and re-imagine the most important subject of all … ourselves.




•Creative, Development, Scripting, Storyboarding
•Directorial Services
•Project Budgeting & Management
•Production & Shooting Crews
•Gear & Equipment
•On-Camera Talent


•Offline Creative Editorial
•Motion Graphics & Animation (2D & 3D)
•Compositing & Visual Effects
•Color Correction (DaVinci)
•Sound Design
•Online, Finishing, Conform (4K pipeline)
•Mastering & Encoding
•LTO Tape Back-Up & Archiving


Yanni Feder

Director & Co-Founder

has a background creating and collaborating on projects for Viacom, SNL, Universal, Sapient Nitro, Independents and others. His gift for editing became apparent at a young age, later receiving a BA for film from the School of Visual Arts. As a junior editor and assistant in NYC’s commercial post houses, he worked on campaigns for agencies such as Grey, BBDO and Saatchi & Saatchi. He’s won Emmy Awards for his work with Saturday Night Live along with work on SNL’s Digital Shorts. Now Producing and Directing with One Route, as a Founding member and key creative, he seeks a human element in everything. His knowledge of all phases of the production pipeline create a cohesiveness throughout each project that lends to great work.

Menna Olvera

Director & Co-Founder

with a creative and directorial prowess which comes from a vast background in media and wellness. She has helped to create content for brands and networks such as NBC, Broadway Video, EUE Screen Gems, New York Presbyterian, HBO, and others. Her journey in entertainment started as an actor studying with renowned teacher and coach Susan Batson at Black Nexxus. At the same period her producing career was starting with Saturday Night Live’s Film Unit. Menna’s training and expertise in wellness & integrative healthcare has been with groundbreaking yoga teachers, gurus and leaders in the field. As a key creative at One Route she brings a new perspective to every idea and concept, integrating both worlds to speak to the universal mind.